Thankful for the Rain

No matter where we live in New Mexico, when it rains we are very, very thankful. Last evening, parts of Albuquerque finally got some good rain. Before I moved to New Mexico, I never knew about the “monsoon season” in our state. July-August is the monsoon season where it rains in the afternoon and evening […]

East Mountains: Everything Is Greener on the Other Side of the Sandias

Usually this time of the year, we set aside time for vacation away from home. This year we decided to stay put and take short excursions around ABQ. Enjoying the outdoors is one of our favorite things to do, especially hiking. It’s a great family activity to do, and even more so if you have […]

Prairie Star Restaurant & Wine Bar: A Special Evening

As Albuquerque’s dining scene continues to evolve…slowly…many people still think of Santa Fe for their special dining experiences. If you don’t have time to drive 65 miles north, there are a few places in the Albuquerque area where one can go to celebrate a special occasion. One such place is Prairie Star on the lands […]

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