Zorba’s Fine Greek Cuisine

  Ahhhh, Greece… My good friend, Ann-Marie, tells me that this is one of her dream destinations. Just looking at all the on-line photos, I can see why travelers continue to name this as one of the top destinations in the world (even during times of economic woes). The landscape is breathtaking. Who wouldn’t want […]

Cravings Satisfied at Rebel Donut

Do you ever get food cravings? I do…many times for chocolate, sometimes for cookies, occasionally for something salty. Usually I can conveniently find something in my pantry to satisfy those cravings, but every once in a while my cravings require a little more effort to fulfill. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I […]

The Art of Bread Making

For me bread evokes all sorts of good memories. Growing up in the 70s Mrs. Baird’s white bread was what we ate and I remember visiting the factory where we sampled freshly baked bread with lots of butter- it was wonderful. In my 20s, three girlfriends and I did the backpacking/Euro rail trip through Europe […]

B2B Bistronomy: Hipster Burgers

If you haven’t guessed yet, my family and I like a good burger.  From a previous post, you learned that we will grind our own meat for burgers at home but sometimes we’d rather let someone else do the work so we go out. One of our favorites is B2B Bistronomy located in Albuquerque’s Nob […]

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