Bonefish Grill Albuquerque


I love seafood and will never turn down an invitation to eat it, especially if it’s sustainable and well prepared. However, I don’t eat much of it here in Albuquerque. The seafood restaurant choices are few and far between. That’s to be expected given the city’s distance from the coast. Limitations in fresh fish selections and variety definitely exist. However, there’s good news- Bonefish Grill (BFG) located at the Coronado Mall opened its doors this week. Head over to BFG to get your FRESH FISH!!

BFG was founded in St. Petersburg, Florida over 10 years ago. The restaurant specializes in market fresh fish cooked over a wood-burning grill. They are committed to serving the highest quality fresh ingredients and providing creative seasonal dishes.

Bonefish Grill Albuquerque
Bonefish Grill Bar- sports on one TV and Food Network on the other TV (my kind of entertainment)

The Turquoise Table was invited to a media preview lunch at Bonefish Grill so we’d like to share with you what we discovered. As we entered via the revolving door, we were immediately greeted with an impressive bar on the left. The décor is clean and modern. Neutral browns and wood paneling provide a warm and cozy ambiance, which provides a nice contrast to the glassware at the bar and the sparkling glass wall art. Customers have several options for seating ranging from booths, open tables, community tables, and outdoor seating. The space offers versatility to accommodate a meal with friends and family, date night with a special person, girls’ night out and even business clients. The bar is the main focal point of the place and can be viewed from all the dining areas allowing for a nice flow of energy around the restaurant. This is a well stocked bar and if all their cocktails are as good as the Hawaiian and Espresso Martinis we had, there’s no doubt that this will be the place to meet up for drinks!

Bonefish Grill
Pineapple martini (photo courtesy of Bonefish Grill)
Bonefish Grill Albuquerque
comfortable seating with a perfect view of the bar
Bonefish Grill
Booths, open tables, community tables

Being this was a media preview, BFG put together a very nice presentation of what they can offer. Not only did we get to sample food but we also enjoyed wine pairings- nice job! The appetizers consisted of a new addition, Twisted Edamame Hummus (it’s really good hummus), and an all-time favorite, the Bang Bang Shrimp (love that name!). Both were delicious but I think the Bang Bang shrimp has made me a fan not only for its name but also for its creamy, spicy flavor- a nice change from the usual fried calamari.

Bonefish Grill Albuquerque
Bang Bang Shrimp

The second course was equally delicious. If you’re in the mood for a salad, the Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad will satisfy your appetite. It’s a fusion of Asian and Southwest flavors so you will find crisp greens with black beans, roasted corn, crispy tortilla strips topped with a grilled shrimp and dressed with a cilantro lime vinaigrette. The next offering, Lobster Roll Sliders, is why I’ll be back to Bonefish Grill. The creamy lobster pieces cradled in an authentic New England roll was a mouthful of goodness to the very last bite!

Bonefish Grill Albuquerque
Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad
Bonefish Grill
Lobster Roll Sliders

For the main feature, we were lucky to sample a trio of fish prepared three different ways. It’s always a treat when a seafood lover like myself gets to have Chilean Sea Bass, Seared Ahi Tuna, and Wild Pacific Salmon all on the same plate. Bonefish Grill is known for their wood grilled fish and complimentary Special Signature sauces- Pan Asian, Lemon Butter, Chimichurri and Mango Salsa. This winning combination was a delight to experience. The seared Ahi tuna was nicely paired with a passion fruit salsa (aka Spicy Tuna Bowl), the Dynamite Salmon (sockeye, currently featured on the Specials Board) was topped with a spicy sauce and served on a bed of rice, and the Misoyaki Sea Bass was nicely grilled and drizzled with a simple sauce served with haricot verts. The menu boasts of more delicious entrees, like crab cakes and steaks for the meat lover.

Bonefish Grill- Ocean Mixed Grill: Chilean Sea Bass, Wild Pacific Salmon, Ahi Tuna
Ocean Mixed Grill- Misoyaki Sea Bass, Dynamite Salmon, and Seared Ahi Tuna
Bonefish Grill
Grilled Tuna with Pan Asian Sauce (photo courtesy of Bonefish Grill)

We completed our meal with a key lime pie paired with an Espresso Martini.  The gluten free guests were served a really good looking crème brûlée. I must confess that I have eaten key lime pie only a handful of times. But, I know a good dessert when I taste one. The BFG key lime pie brought on a second wind for me, so even though I was stuffed, I managed to eat most of the pie. It was rich and velvety, tangy and sweet, with a roasted pecan crust and a dollop of cream. What a wonderful way to end a meal!

Bonefish Grill Albuquerque
Key Lime Pie and Espresso Martini

As you can see, Bonefish Grill has all the right stuff to be a successful seafood restaurant in Albuquerque. Bonefish Grill will definitely be on my list of restaurants to go to. I look forward to bringing my family and meeting up with my friends there!

Bonefish Grill Albuquerque


  • Sign up online for the BFG Insider to get notice of new menu items or special events.
  • Gluten-friendly menu is available
  • Tuesday Tail Night- have a lobster feast.
  • Wednesday is Bang Night- spice up your meal with lots of Bang Bang shrimp.
  • Don’t forget Sunday brunch!

Date visited: July 28, 2014


Urban Village Dining: Mele Bistro


Mele Bistro in Arlington VA

On my recent trip to the Washington DC area, I stayed at my parents’ place in Arlington, Virginia. I’ve been to Arlington around 4 times over the past 10 years and each time I visit I find it nicer. What I’ve discovered is that over the past few decades the areas around DC have under gone a transformation (and continues to evolve) from suburban sprawl to well defined sectors centered around a metro station (to encourage the use of mass transit). Interestingly, this layout can be seen in Shanghai with its very well developed metro system. In addition to an accessible mass transit system, the urban village design is a way to develop a great area where interactions between people and environment take center stage. To achieve this, the area is one of mixed-use, commercial and residential, where city planners pay attention to coordinated streetscapes, location of commercial facilities, neighborhood preservation, urban open spaces and plazas, and historic preservation. A perfect example of the urban village design can be found in Arlington in an area called the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor (RBC). The 3-mile corridor is divided up into 5 sectors:

  • Rosslyn: a first-class office and business center
  • Courthouse: Arlington’s government center
  • Clarendon: the center of the “urban village”
  • Virginia Square: residential, cultural and educational facilities
  • Ballston: a new downtown

My parents’ condo is located in Rosslyn. It’s very conveniently located to DC. A quick jog across the Francis Scott Key Bridge and you’re at Georgetown University, the shops on M Street and hop on the metro at the Rosslyn metro station to visit the Mall, monuments and museums. In the very near future, one will be able to take the metro to the upscale shopping center, Tysons Galleria.

Because Rosslyn is the business center, there are many high-rise office buildings and the local businesses cater to the 9-5 workers who commute to Rosslyn. So, not much happens after 5pm. Dining options are limited. However, my parents did happen to find a place called Mele Bistro located just half a mile from their condo in the Courthouse sector of the RBC.

Mele Bistro in Arlington VA

Mele Bistro is a French-Italian bistro. This place, formally known as Village Bistro, has been under new ownership and management for about 1.5 years now. With its location in the Courthouse sector, it’s a great place to have a business meal or meet up with your friends and family for dinner, especially if you live in the nearby residential sectors, Clarendon or Village Square. This modern bistro is located in a small shopping center on Wilson Blvd., the main thoroughfare through the RBC. There are a few outdoor tables surrounded by a small garden of herbs and a couple potted fruit trees. The inside is warmly decorated with modern, colorful accents and white table clothes giving the cozy bistro atmosphere a touch of sophistication. I was amazed at the variety offered on the menu- pizza, salads, pastas, beef, veal, chicken, and seafood entrees, and of course dessert. It made me very happy to see a wide selection of seafood options on the menu. Mele’s menu changes daily and they encourage you to call for the most up to date menu offerings. Wild fish from Hawaii is flown in daily and fresh, local items abound on the menu, too. More importantly, Mele uses organic produce and grass fed beef, makes their own tomato sauce, and does not use MSG or soy products. Dining on fresh, unprocessed food of high quality is Mele’s top priority.

Everyone at the table ordered a seafood entrée- Greek Dorade with diced vegetable risotto, Seafood fettuccine, Canadian Mussel linguini…I ordered the Sautéed North Atlantic Baby Bluefish with fettuccine dill and capers. Each entrée was uniquely plated. Attention to color and presentation was apparent. Mine was prepared very well- the fish was nicely browned with flakes of tender meat underneath, placed on a tricolored bed of fettuccine dotted with diced tomatoes and coated with a delicious herb sauce. The entire dish was drizzled with a really delicious green sauce- I’ll call it Mele’s Special Sauce, which provided another perfect layer of flavor. Just look at the photos to see all the colors and flavors!

Mele Bistro in Arlington VA
Greek dorade with diced vegetable risotto
Mele Bistro in Arlington VA
Seafood fettuccine
Mele Bistro
Canadian mussel linguini
Mele Bistro in Arlington VA
Sautéed North Atlantic baby bluefish with fettuccine dill and capers

Luckily, we still had enough room for dessert. I’m not saying that the portions were small, in fact, they were just right and reasonably priced. It’s always a shame when I get over stuffed and can’t have dessert. Take a close look at the desserts and the details will make you want to dig into the photo for a bite. Once again…a nice presentation…it’s the best way to end a meal (along with a nice cup of coffee; surprisingly, they did not have cappuccino).

Mele Bistro in Arlington VA

Mele Bistro in Arlington VA

Mele Bistro in Arlington VA

You can tell when a restaurant takes pride in what they serve and this is obvious at Mele Bistro. I’m glad that there’s such a restaurant near my parents’ condo because then we don’t have to venture far for a great meal. Stop by Mele Bistro when you in Arlington, VA.

Dated visited: June 18, 2014

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A Golden Celebration: CityZen and Brasserie Beck

Two weekends ago, I flew to our nation’s capitol to meet up with my family for our annual gathering. I always look forward to these gatherings but I was especially excited about this one. My brothers and I had planned a surprise 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration for our parents. Our original intentions were to throw them a huge celebration with friends and family, but my parents hinted that they would prefer a small intimate family gathering instead. As I thought about their request I came to the same conclusion that this was definitely the way to go. A celebration of 50 years of marriage is really a personal one. It’s about one couple’s enduring love for one another as they journey through life sharing all the good and the bad times and celebrating the life and family that they built together. My parents were indeed surprised and even though our time together was short, we cherished every minute.

In my opinion, a celebration without exceptional food would definitely not be a celebration. With so many great restaurants to choose from in the DC area, my brothers and I decided to make it a two-day celebration- one evening with the immediate family and another one with extended family. My brother, who lives in the DC area, selected two outstanding restaurants worthy of such an important weekend.

CityZen was our dinner choice for the immediate family. It’s located inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The restaurant has been voted one of the top restaurants in the DC area. The inside of the restaurant is very slick and modern with very high ceilings and clean, chic décor – something I don’t get to see in New Mexico.

My family at Mandarin Hotel after dining at CityZen
My family in the lobby of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Signing a contract confirming our intention to dine there and having an opportunity to speak to a sommelier about wine selections before arriving for dinner are just two details demonstrating how CityZen is a smooth operation. Interestingly, if your party consists of more than 4 people, CityZen will create a tasting menu for your group consisting of fresh, seasonal and regional ingredients. They were very accommodating for my sister-in-law who is allergic to seafood and presented her with her very own tasting menu. They even offered to change any part of the menu that was not to our liking.

Cityzen- Chef Tasting Menu
Cityzen chef tasting menu

The chef trained at the French Laundry (a place that I hope to visit one day) and so, as expected the food was exceptional. The combination of ingredients was very creative with balanced flavors that work wonderfully together. To match the exceptional food, CityZen had exceptional service. We were never rushed, our every need was met without over attention, and the host offered a detailed explanation of every course before we took our first bite. My favorite was the seared Maine scallops with Asian flavors. I was very impressed with the synchronized serving of our food- every one of us had a personal server who laid the plate of food down in sync with the other servers! What a contrast to my childhood days where family dinners took place in the comforts of our home and cooked by my mother. At least the conversation continues to be just as entertaining!

Cityzen in Washington DC
Roasted spring asparagus and baby mache
Cityzen in Washington DC
Chilled Maine lobster salad
Cityzen in Washington DC
Seared Maine sea scallops
Cityzen in Washington DC
Cityzen carbonara
Cityzen in Washington DC
Herb roasted Elysian Fields farm lamb saddle
Cityzen in Washington DC
Iced mint mocha
Cityzen in Washington DC
after dinner treats

Brasserie Beck Restaurant and Bar was the venue for the big Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration. This Belgium bistro is located on one of Washington’s busiest thoroughfares, K Street, once the home of major lobbying firms but now more known for dining and nightlife. This place, also one of DC’s best restaurants, was picked for its friendly, attentive service, delicious menu offerings, and reasonable prices. Lower ceilings with close quarters provide patrons a place where they can enjoy their food and conversation in an energetic but cozy atmosphere. We had our celebration in the Brabo room perfect for a party of 16 equipped with a large TV for a slideshow and lots of personalized service. Julie, the director of private dining, was a pleasure to work with, always responding to our emails quickly and providing attention to details. Ramon, the general manager, had great wine recommendations and offered me basic guidance in selecting French wines to pair with the meal (BB has an extensive wine list and a huge selection of brews). Being that this was a family gathering, this place allowed us to have the food served family style. Each course consisted of at least 3-4 large plates of food brought out and shared. This was the perfect way for everyone to taste every single item offered on the menu. While Brasserie Beck is well known for its steamed mussels and frites, everything on the menu was done exceptionally well. I was having such a great time dining and celebrating that I forgot to photograph the food- Sorry! Luckily, I remembered to save one of the printed menus to share. I hope that it will spark your imagination and entice your taste buds. There’s more…not included on the menu were the hors d’ oeuvres- caramelized onion apple tartlets, fresh shucked oysters (yum!), shrimp cocktail, North American bison tartar tartines, and artichoke prosciutto ricotta in phyllo. My favorites were the steamed mussels and duck breast and I heard the mango crème brûlée was to die for. As you can imagine, every one left the place well fed and impressed with Brasserie Beck. If I find myself back in DC, I will definitely dine there again!

Brasserie Beck in Washington DC
Brasserie Beck Restaurant and Bar- Golden Wedding Anniversary Dinner

What a whirlwind weekend! It was great to see my family and I’m especially thankful to have such wonderful parents. Together they provided my brothers and I everything we needed to become successful as we traveled down our own paths. For their grandchildren, they share their gifts of love, knowledge and advice and this is truly invaluable. Their legacy is one that my husband and I aspire to achieve with our own family. Fifty years later, it is clear to all that their love for each other remains as strong as ever and continues to grow. Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Date visited:

CityZen, June 20, 2014

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Brasserie Beck, June 21, 2014

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For my mother

Mother Orchid blooms

Lovely face, Joyful color

Always giving LOVE

Springtime in New Mexico ushers in the good, the bad and the ugly. Bad is all the wind, dust and allergies; ugly because everyone has bad hair days as a result of the winds; and the good is that this is the time of year my orchids start to bloom! Every year, around January/February, I closely inspect my orchids for signs of flower spikes. They start as little nubs growing from the base of the plants.  I want to catch them so I can direct the growth upwards. However, sometimes I forget or don’t have time to check and find them already several inches long and growing sideways, too late to redirect. No worries though I’m just happy because it means beautiful blooms in the very near future, usually in March and lasting through June.

Blooming orchids

I admit that I had a black thumb. A sad story is that I actually received the Black Thumb patch as a Girl Scout. This adversity continued to plague me into adulthood. When I was living in San Antonio I could never keep an orchid alive. But the “black” streak ended when I moved to New Mexico. I’ve been very successful here- I now have seven orchids with about 86% success rate in annual blooms. Pretty darn good for someone with a black thumb!

Blooming orchids

Recently, I did an Internet search on “orchids in New Mexico.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a New Mexico Orchid Guild as well as a nationally known orchid expert in Santa Fe. I learned that the NM Orchid Guild and the ABQ Bio Park’s Botanical Garden was holding their annual orchid show and sale this month of May. What a great opportunity to learn and see more orchids. I ventured to the BioPark and found myself in an orchid wonderland! I learned that some orchids have a fragrance- one such type is a Cattleya. I saw a miniature orchid with blooms measuring only a few millimeters in size, there were cascading orchids numbering tens of blooms and flowing like a waterfall, and there were many hybridized orchids with very beautiful blooms.

Orchid Show at ABQ BioPark Botanical Gardens

Picture 1 of 35

Orchids are the only indoor plants I maintain in my home. They are the perfect plant for me. I found an ideal location: on a windowsill by the front entrance where they get the right amount of light and temperature fluctuations to induce flowering and all I have to do is water them about every 10 days. We enjoy their beautiful, coloful blooms for several months. A member of the Orchid Guild told me that there are orchids growing in the wild right here in New Mexico. In fact, she said I could find them in the Sandia Mountains. You just might see me up there this summer searching for those orchids!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Blooming orchids

Lazer loves the wind

Chasing leaves in our backyard

What a crazy dog!

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