Mother Orchid blooms Lovely face, Joyful color Always giving LOVE Springtime in New Mexico ushers in the good, the bad and the ugly. Bad is all the wind, dust and allergies; ugly because everyone has bad hair days as a result of the winds; and the good is that this is the time of year my orchids start […]

With Love, From Greece

Again, the same orange blossom fragrance greeted me this time and lead me through the marble streets of Athens. This sweet memory simply reminds me that my last visit was also around late March or early April. The pace in Athens is laid back and relaxing, like in many other cities in the Mediterranean. Under […]

Izanami: Sake and Spa

The most important alcoholic beverage in Japan is SAKE. It’s called “the drink of the gods” and has a long history dating back for centuries. This fermented rice and water drink is used in religious ceremonies and is enjoyed by many in the social setting among friends and family. Interestingly, sake is believed to possess […]

Acoma: Sky City

The American Indians make up about 10% of New Mexico’s population- their culture and traditions are a vital part of the state’s history and way of life. I encourage everyone to learn and know something about this important ethnic group. Sure, you can read a book or visit a museum but for an up-close and […]

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