Farm & Table: A Complete Dining Experience

Last Saturday night, we were back at Farm & Table for another meal. This time we invited another couple to join us for dinner. They hadn’t been to the restaurant before so we were excited to introduce them to the newest hotspot in town owned by Cherie Montoya Austin and her husband. Farm & Table […]

Farm & Table: A Local Dining Experience

With all the buzz around town about Farm & Table, I couldn’t wait to check it out. For me it’s always exciting to hear of a new restaurant serving locally grown food. Words like fresh, full of flavor, healthy, and creative come to mind. Just as importantly, eating local is a way of supporting the […]

Ezra’s Place: The second stop on the DA tour

My tour of Dennis Apodoca’s (DA) restaurants continues. I visited Ezra’s Place on Saturday night for dinner with my family- husband and kids, ages 14 and 12. Like most people, we avoid eating food from a bowling alley but we made a special exception this time because of all the good reviews on the place. […]

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