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Izanami: Sake and Spa

The most important alcoholic beverage in Japan is SAKE. It’s called “the drink of the gods” and has a long history dating back for centuries. This fermented rice and water drink is used in religious ceremonies and is enjoyed by … Continue reading

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Cravings Satisfied at Rebel Donut

Do you ever get food cravings? I do…many times for chocolate, sometimes for cookies, occasionally for something salty. Usually I can conveniently find something in my pantry to satisfy those cravings, but every once in a while my cravings require … Continue reading

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The Art of Bread Making

For me bread evokes all sorts of good memories. Growing up in the 70s Mrs. Baird’s white bread was what we ate and I remember visiting the factory where we sampled freshly baked bread with lots of butter- it was … Continue reading

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B2B Bistronomy: Hipster Burgers

If you haven’t guessed yet, my family and I like a good burger.  From a previous post, you learned that we will grind our own meat for burgers at home but sometimes we’d rather let someone else do the work … Continue reading

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