Zorba’s Fine Greek Cuisine

Santorini, Greece
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Ahhhh, Greece… My good friend, Ann-Marie, tells me that this is one of her dream destinations. Just looking at all the on-line photos, I can see why travelers continue to name this as one of the top destinations in the world (even during times of economic woes). The landscape is breathtaking. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a picturesque place? I can picture my friends and I sitting at one of the small tables right by the water, enjoying the view and a delicious meal.

Greek food, the basis for the Mediterranean diet, is full of healthy ingredients such as olive oil, veggies/fruits, beans, and wine. However, the Greeks also have dishes where the meat takes center stage- gyros, lamb kebabs, grilled chicken, etc. When my family and I want a break from burritos and burgers, luckily, we don’t have to travel 6000 miles to Greece to get delicious Greek food. It’s a short drive to the Northeast Heights where Zorba’s Fine Greek Cuisine is located.

On a recent visit to Zorba’s I was in the mood for a gyro (yee-row). Close your eyes and imagine this- lots of onions and tomatoes nestled among seasoned, thin slices of grilled lamb and beef wrapped up warmly in a pillowy pita topped with a cool, creamy tzatziki sauce (add a splash of hot sauce if you like). Now doesn’t that sound delicious?! After taking a bite of the gyro, I looked over at Zorba’s large wall photo mural of a Greek town similar to  the photo above of Santorini and I saw myself transported to that place where my friends and I are sitting right by the cobalt blue waters of Greece…mmmm, ooooo, yum, ahhh….heaven…



The entrees usually come with a side Greek salad, just the right size to satisfy my requirement that all healthy meals should have a serving of veggies. I just love the traditional flavors of feta, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives, and banana peppers tossed with a vinaigrette…so clean and simple.

I like moussaka so I recommended it to my daughter and she ordered it. My first-ever moussaka was eaten at Vios Café in Seattle (Capitol Hill neighborhood) where I became an instant fan of Greek food. My husband, who is always looking for a healthy choice, chose the grilled Greek chicken with rice pilaf and a side salad. For the less adventurous, like my son, there’s always the safe but satisfying Greek-style spaghetti. One will also find many of the other traditional Greek dishes like spanakopita and souvlaki.

Moussaka, a casserole made with layers of eggplant (and sometimes potatoes) and spiced meat filling topped off with a creamy bechamel sauce


Grilled Greek Chicken


To finish, there’s always everybody’s favorite, baklava. But, why not try some of the other traditional desserts like galatoboureko, a creamy dreamy custard. How about  kataifi or ergolavus? Or maybe Zorba’s family recipe rizogalo? Galatoboureko, ergolavus, rizogalo, kataifi, baklava…(clap, clap)…galatoboureko, ergolavus, rizogalo, kataifi, baklava…hey!

As I write this post I’m getting hungry for Zorba’s so I think I’ll stop here. My daughter is just back from taking the SAT so I think we’ll head over to Zorba’s…and then…. we’ll go shopping. See you there!

Date visited: February 1, 2014

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