Café Jean Pierre: Craving Crêpes

Cafe Jean Pierre
Café Jean Pierre

Pasta? Gyros? Sushi? Crêpes for lunch! I decided to treat my kids to something special for lunch. We decided to try Café Jean Pierre based on my friend’s recommendation (she’s married to a Frenchman).

Café Jean Pierre is a little place located right off I-25 by the Century Rio movie theaters. From the outside it looks like any other strip mall, but on the inside, high ceilings, brightly colored French paintings, white lace curtains draping the windows, make it a quaint place that takes you away from the noisy freeway.

Warm bread and butter were served while we examined the menu. Wow! There were frog legs, escargot and pâté -this could be a very sophisticated lunch! In addition to crêpes, there was much to choose from like salads, sandwiches, quiches, and special entrees.

My son ordered the French Onion soup as an appetizer. The soup came out steaming hot and the melted cheese on top glistened in the sunlight. We could tell right away that this was going to be delicious. As my son dipped his spoon into the rich brown broth loaded with onions, my daughter and I both reached from our spoons ready for a taste.

Cafe Jean Pierre
French Onion Soup

The crêpes were definitely special. The creamy, large crêpes, accompanied by colorful vegetables, were served on blazing hot plates. We dug in. Chunky chicken pieces and hefty mushrooms slices bulged out of my son’s crêpe au poulet and fruits de mer surged out of mine. My daughter’s crêpe au jambon was nicely folded and covered with a warm blanket of melted Swiss cheese and chive sprinkles. To my surprise I ate every single bit, crêpe and all. There have been times where a dish was too creamy for me to finish, but this was not the case. Cream velouté, one of the five “mother” sauces of French cuisine, provides the perfect velvety filling for a savory crêpe. It’s wonderful to be able to eat a dish where the flavors, textures, and sauce are nicely balanced so that even the last bite is as enjoyable as the first.

Cafe Jean Pierre
Crêpe Au Poulet
Cafe Jean Pierre
Crêpe Aux Fruits de Mer
Cafe Jean Pierre
Crêpe Au Jambon

One again, I wanted to have dessert but the kids were too full to even think about eating another crêpe. Crêpe Suzette or Crêpe Banane/Chocolat would have been my choice. I see a movie and dessert crêpe in our future!

Date visited: August 1, 2012

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