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Ordering an antipasto platter at an Italian restaurant always brings me great pleasure for a number of reasons. It’s a great way to share your dining experience with friends and family, it brings about a relaxed spirit, you get to sample several different items, and it always seems to promote conversation, which is especially important when you are dining with your teenage children.

Recently we dined at Torino’s and ordered an antipasto platter. It’s always interesting to see what the chef includes on the platter. Some places have only the bare minimum of olives, cheeses and cured meats. Other places will include grilled vegetables like eggplant and even oak roasted mushrooms (yum) along with heirloom tomatoes and roasted red peppers or maybe marinated artichoke hearts- the more creative the antipasto the more enjoyable. Torino’s definitely has a creative antipasto platter.

Not only is it creative but also beautiful to look at. The food is artistically served on a wooden plank with streaks of syrupy balsamic vinegar. There was prosciutto, speck that had been smoked with juniper berries, cured artisan salame, grilled eggplant and zucchini, roasted red peppers, shaved parmesan, goat cheese balls, roasted garlic cloves, olives, cipolline onions, mostarda made with apples and pears, and their delicious tuna salad (no mayo). My teenagers where in awe of this antipasto, especially impressed with the decorative ”marble” butter on top of the crostini.

Torino’s Antipasto Platter

Words like “so this is what a juniper berry tastes like,” or “taste this, it’s really goooood,” or “we each get one crostini,” or “the mostarda goes really well with the goat cheese” brought about conversation while we all enjoyed the food.  Everyone shared their opinions about what part they liked the best and how the platter compared to other antipasto platters from other restaurants. It’s just wonderful to have a pleasant dining experience with your kids.

Torino’s antipasto platter could be a meal in itself. However, there are more things on the menu that you should experience such as the duck confit and the braised veal and brisket. What’s your favorite entrée? I would love to have a conversation with you about your experiences at Torino’s.

Date Visited: July 13, 2012

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