Farm & Table: A Local Dining Experience

Farm & Table
Farm & Table in the North Valley

With all the buzz around town about Farm & Table, I couldn’t wait to check it out. For me it’s always exciting to hear of a new restaurant serving locally grown food. Words like fresh, full of flavor, healthy, and creative come to mind. Just as importantly, eating local is a way of supporting the community that we live in.

Farm & Table
Fresh from the Farm

Earlier this month, my family and I were able to get a reservation for dinner at Farm & Table. The restaurant is located in Albuquerque’s North Valley. Whenever I am in the North Valley I feel like, even with my black thumb, I could possibly succeed at growing something…it’s so green there and everything seems to flourish. There are tall cottonwoods all over, and with the Rio Grande River right there, many people have access to irrigation to raise animals and grow crops.

The menu offered a wide variety of products from all over New Mexico- beef and pork from Belen, tomatoes from Deming, cheese from Tucumcari and Estancia, lettuce from Los Poblanos, pecans from Mesilla, chile from Lemitar, and ground corn from Santa Ana Pueblo, just to name a few .

This is what we decided on for our dinner:

Farm & Table
Farmer’s Salad
Farm & Table
Spinach & Strawberry Salad
Farm & Table
Tempura Pickled Vegetables
Farm & Table
Braised Local Pork Belly
Farm & Table
Pan-Seared Duck Breast
Farm & Table
Farm & Table Burger
Farm & Table
Local Fig Wood Cold-Smoked & Seared Scallops

All of our senses were tantalized that evening. Sounds of satisfied diners having great conversations, smells wafting from dishes being brought out, beautiful colors all around from the paintings on the wall to the decor to the food. All of which when combined, created a comfortable, feel-good ambiance. But most importantly, the harmony of flavors on our taste buds allowed us to relish our meal and fully appreciate the local edible goods.

Our favorites for the evening were the spinach salad, pork belly, duck and scallops. Each had an exceptional feature that elevated the dish to something extra-special. In the spinach salad, it was the lemon zest (it was really good lemon zest) that made the crisp spinach and goat cheese shine. The butterscotch miso sauce added a layer of velvety goodness to the pork belly. The duck and scallops performed on their own because they were very close to being perfectly prepared.

Unfortunately, we were satiated to the point where even a small dessert would have been too much. There’s always next time because we’ll be back in July for a second visit. Among the handful of Albuquerque restaurants that feature locally grown food, Farm & Table is a winner.

Farm & Table
Perfect Evening for Dining Locally


  1. Plan in advance- reservations are a good idea; we made ours 2 weeks in advance to get the time and date we wanted.
  2. In my opinion outdoor patio dining is better than indoors (higher noise level).
  3. Wear a sundress and/or garden hat, you’ll fit right in
  4. Paintings by a local artist, David Welch, are displayed and for sale. He teaches at Albuquerque Academy and was the winner of the 2010 Balloon Fiesta poster.
  5. The parking lot was full when we arrived. Consider yourself lucky if you get a spot in the parking lot, otherwise be prepared to park on the side of the road.

Date of 1st visit: June 8, 2012

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