Ezra’s Place: The second stop on the DA tour

Ezras Place
Ezra’s Place, Albuquerque

My tour of Dennis Apodoca’s (DA) restaurants continues. I visited Ezra’s Place on Saturday night for dinner with my family- husband and kids, ages 14 and 12. Like most people, we avoid eating food from a bowling alley but we made a special exception this time because of all the good reviews on the place.

Ezras Place
Ezra’s Place, Albuquerque

The restaurant’s decor is retro and matches the feel of the bowling alley. We took a seat at one of the booths so we could watch people bowl while we ate. My son really likes to bowl so he kept saying we should get a few games in after dinner. My daughter, in a sour mood, kept telling him to be quiet. There weren’t many people there probably because it was already 7:30 so food and bar service were quick. We ordered the fried calamari as an appetizer, son ordered the 1/2 pound Kobe burger, husband the free range chicken, and my daughter and I decided to share the duck enchiladas.

While we waited for our food, the energy of the place started to pick up a bit, the bowling alley darkened, the disco lights came on, and we could hear music by Pitbull (coming to ABQ in August), Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars. My son really wanted to go bowling now. The timing of the upbeat atmosphere was perfect because our food was being served right about now.

Ezras Place
View of the bowling alley

Fried calamari is always a favorite appetizer of ours so we had a lot to say about this appetizer. It was lightly breaded (a good thing) and came with jalapeno-ranch dipping sauce which I felt was too heavy for my liking when paired with the lightly breaded calamari. The best part about the dish was the chocolate balsamic vinegar which tastefully elevated the dish; wish it came with more of it.

Ezras Place
Fried Calamari with house dipping sauce

The huge Kobe burger was served with tons of shoestring fries. My son didn’t want blue cheese so instead the burger was topped with asadero cheese/caramelized onions on a brioche bun; just looking at it made my mouth water; my son gave it a thumbs up and ate 98% of it.

Kobe burger

The free range chicken was more modest and served with mushroom risotto and a small bowl of simply dressed mixed baby greens; my husband said it was good.

Ezras Place
Free Range Chicken with Mushroom Risotto (sorry so blurry)

The duck enchiladas were covered with tomatillo-serrano sauce and served with mixed baby green salad, mashed black beans and rice. The enchiladas were rated “good” by my daughter and I; the duck meat was tender and tomatillos very tart.

Ezras Place
Duck Enchiladas with Tomatillo-Serrano Sauce

Next up was dessert- Nutella mousse and dark chocolate mousse, both of which were light and not too sweet.

Ezras Place
Dark Chocolate Mousse and Nutella Mousse with Bananas

By the end of the meal, my son was stuffed and my daughter was in a better mood. We all left satisfied which was a good way to end a Saturday.

Date of visit: May 5, 2012

Note: I was looking forward to continuing my DA tour with a visit to Jo’s Place, but I heard it’s now closed.

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