Torino’s @ Home: Homemade Goodness

Torino’s Blueberry Lemon Jelly

When I think of comfort food I think of food that comes out of my mom’s kitchen, my kitchen or the kitchens of my friends. That was until I discovered Torino’s @ Home located at 7600 Jefferson Street. Torino’s is a modern local restaurant that makes everything from scratch, all in house, be it the pastas, fresh baked goods, the sausages or the monthly jellies. Everything on the menu is unique both in texture and flavor. When you sit down to eat the atmosphere is airy and comfortable and the wait staff is friendly and courteous with a pretty good knowledge of the menu.


I have to say one of my most favorite things at Torino’s are the monthly jellies. Depending on the fruit that’s in abundance that month determines the flavor of jelly for that month. So, it’s always a surprise. I am reminded of growing up in the Caribbean having afternoon tea, with warm scones and jelly on the back porch with friends and family. The colors of the jellies are vibrant and delicious while retaining the integrity of the fruit. The last jelly I tried was the blueberry-lemon jelly that was served warm and delicious with toast. There were whole blueberries and it had just the right sweetness with a touch of lemony brightness. But don’t limit yourself to just toast. You can easily pair these jellies with croissants, scones, or for a little variation, on top of ice cream. The jellies are as flavorful and delicious as they are versatile.


Torino’s offers another option to their patrons- they offer cooking classes where you can learn to make homemade pasta with which you can impress your friends and family. No time to take the cooking class? Never fear, you can just as easily drop in and purchase the homemade pasta or if you prefer just have them cater your get together. This is definitely homemade made easy. For more information visit their website

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